Announcements – August 7, 2016

Bible - Isaiah 3:10

“Say you to the righteous, that it shall be well with him: for they shall eat the fruit of their doings.”

– Isaiah 3:10

Welcome to the Highland Park Full Gospel Assembly Church

Pastor J. Patrick Kane

July 31, 2016

  • We’re air-conditioned! Come join us for our evening services every Sunday and Wednesday evenings.
  • Thank you to all those who support the Gospel through your giving!
  • Bring a friend to church.
  • Thank you to Jason and Josie Orellana! Our new website is up and running: . Check it out!
  • We will hold a Pot Luck / Baptism on Sunday, August 21st after the morning service. Come join us!
  • If you would like to be baptized, please see Pastor Pat or click here to contact us for more info.

Sunday Morning Sermon

Pastor Pat Kane

Encouraging Words

Isaiah 3:10

Sunday Evening Sermon

Pastor Pat Kane


James 1:1-7

Weekly Services

  • Sunday School – 10:00 A.M.
    • Adult Class – Sister Elizabeth O’Connor
    • Discipleship Class – Brother Toyo and Sister Sylvia Hamaguchi
    • Young Adult Class – Brother Chuy Olguin
    • Junior High Class – Sister Sylvia Kane
  • Sunday Morning Service – 11:15 A.M.
  • Children’s Church – 12:00 P.M.
  • Sunday Evening – 7:00 P.M.
  • Wednesday Evening Bible Study – 7:30 P.M.
  • Thursday Prayer Meeting – 11:00 A.M.

Food for Thought

“‘Tis well when joys arise,

‘Tis well when sorrows flow,

‘Tis well when darkness veils the skies,

And strong temptations blow.”

– Charles Spurgeon

Prayer Requests This Week

  • For Sister Teresa Claw, for healing
  • For Sister Shirley Claw, for healing
  • For Sister Janet Wolff, for healing
  • For Sister Sondra Berry Young, for healing
  • For Chris Kane (Pastor Pat’s mom), for God’s mercy
  • For three-year-old Gavin Gutierrez, for healing from acute lymphocytic leukemia
  • For La Finca de Los Ninos orphanage in Honduras, for more workers
  • For wisdom and strength for our church leaders
  • For homes for the homeless

August Birthdays

  • August 2 – Derek Uemura
  • August 10 – Mia Lopez
  • August 14 – Mary Ellen Jaramillo
  • August 22 – Christopher Lopez
  • August 23 – Mary Ranitu
  • August 27 – Robert Lopez III
  • August 30 – Maria Saldana-Garcia

Our Fundamental Truths:

WE BELIEVE… The Church has a Mission  to seek and save all who are lost in sin. We believe ‘the Church’ is the Body of Christ and consists of people who, throughout time, have accepted God’s offer of redemption (regardless of religious denomination) through the sacrificial death of His son Jesus Christ.

If you would like to make any announcements or give a prayer request, please see Sister Sylvia Kane or click to CONTACT US!